New Home

Don't worry about rising energy  costs. The energy you need to heat and cool your home is just outside or beneath your feet and it is FREE!

Air Source Heat Pumps are a great alternative to conventional A/C  units that run only a few months in the summer. The Air Source Heat Pump will both heat and cool your home, operate 12 months out of the year and cut your fossil fuel consumption by 50%.

Geothermal is the most efficient form of energy available today. Free energy at your home 12 months of the year. It's possible to be 100% off fossil fuel and we have 2 projects that are net zero energy.

Major Remodel

The perfect time to consider alternative energy for your project is with a major remodel.

Older homes are usually opened up to exterior studs and all mechanicals removed. This is the perfect time to install a modern high efficient HVAC system. Many options are available just like a new built home.


Remodel projects can be challenging. , Changing floor plans, moving walls,  replacing electrical, plumbing and HVAC lines. We have done many remodel projects and the bottom line for us is when completed the home's indoor air quality will be better than before. We never sacrifice performance or efficiency.